The Head of the Department of Psychiatry has approved a Committee made up of members of the Department to coordinate the recruitment of postgraduate students, monitor and support postgraduate students whilst they are enrolled for a higher degree in the Department of Psychiatry.

Members and Roles

1. John Suckling – Chair and Director of Postgraduate Education

2. Tamsin Ford – Ex officio member (Head of Department)

3. Jeff Dalley – Member

4. Karen Ersche – Member

5. Rudolf Cardinal – Member

7. Adisa Broadhurst – Education Supervisor

8. Autumn Stamford – Education Assistant

8. Student Representatives:

  • Farah Hina
  • Rasanat Fatima Nawaz
  • Yufei Cai
Formation Details

The committee was formed in August 2010 and is comprised of senior academic staff experienced in postgraduate supervision; at least two graduate student reps, and the postgraduate education team.

Remit and Goals

1. To ensure that all studentship applications are processed in a fair and timely manner;

2. To monitor and improve the quality of graduate research education in the Department;

3. To take note of and if necessary act upon, graduate student feedback in the department;

4. To discuss graduate complaints confidentially (through the Director of Graduate Education).

5. To inform the Senior Staff of Graduate Education issues

6. To increase funding opportunities for graduate students in the Department

7. To fulfil Departmental responsibilities in relation to graduate students (including maintaining standards).

8. To liaise with the Departmental Representative on the Faculty Graduate Committee


The Committee meets at least termly in person. An agenda will be circulated at least 1 week prior to the meeting. Members of the Committee can request items on the agenda until that time. . Minutes of the meeting are taken and made available to the Head of Department and Senior Staff via the Senior Staff Meeting.

Discussion of items involving specific individuals (students or staff) will be conducted in the absence of the student representatives and may be minuted separately. In any case, confidentiality is a requirement of membership of the Committee.

The Postgraduate Operations Committee has oversight of quality assurance and implementation of best practice; communications and information, sustainability of the academic mission, consistency of the student experience and support for staff, courses and programmes, across all departments and institutes within the Clinical School.